The Journey

Mason’s MedCamps Mission departed from Monroe Regional Airport in Monroe, LA on 22 July 2018 with a wonderful sendoff from the community and Louisiana Tech University! This  began a 40 day +/- around the world odyssey flying across or landing in over 20 Countries or Islands! He will be flying solo in a single engine 1976 Piper Lance PA32R-300 aircraft specially modified to carry 160 gallons of extra fuel, giving him a range of over 2205 nautical miles without refueling with an additional reserve of 2.92 hrs of flight time.  The longest leg of the journey will be 2150 nautical miles on the downhill run from Sapporo Japan to Dutch Harbor in the Alaskan Aleutian Island Chain.  This will require 14 hours of flight over the North Pacific Ocean! He will cross a great deal of water on the journey, including the North Atlantic, Mediterranean, Red, and Arabian Seas, before crossing the Indian Ocean, and North Pacific!




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Mason’s MedCamps Mission is working with the best in the business for logistics.  Eddie Gould and Ahmed Hassan at General Aviation Support Egypt   Eddie and Ahmed handled the flight support for the last 2 American Pilots to hold the Youngest Solo Circumnavigation Record, the highly regarded aviators, Jack Wiegand, and Matt Guthmiller. Mason hopes to continue their record of success!  We are also working with Skyplan for logistics and weather support in a number of our markets and they have been incredible as well!  Mason is well supported!

Mason Andrews
Jeb Andrews