Mission to be the Youngest Solo Pilot to Circumnavigate the Globe

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The Pilot


Mason Andrews DOB April 26, 2000

Mason is a rising Junior in the Louisiana Tech University Professional Aviation Program who has earned the FAA Private Pilot Certificate and Instrument Rating along with his High Performance and Complex Aircraft Endorsements. Flying is Mason’s favorite thing in life and he hopes to make a career of it with a major airline. 

The Goal

Mason’s goal is to establish a new World Record as the Youngest Solo Pilot to complete a Circumnavigation of the globe…..beating the previous record holder from Australia by 4 months.

The  Mission


Mason will be attempting to complete a Circumnavigation of the Earth according to the rules set forth by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) the official World Air Sports Federation. 

These rules are:  Any flight taking off and landing at the same point and crossing all meridians is allowed which is at least as long as the Tropic of Cancer (36787.559 km or 22858.7294 statute miles).

He will be flying his 1976 Piper Lance PA32R-300 aircraft, The Spirit of Louisiane in honor of Louisiana’s rich French Heritage!

The Reason Why


This ultimate purpose of Mason’s flight is to raise awareness and funds for MedCamps.  Other than flying, Mason’s passion in life is working with the children at MedCamps of Louisiana where he is beginning his 3rd season as a Counselor.  MedCamps is a 30+ year old Non-profit that provides a free summer camping experience for children with disabilities or illnesses.  The campers are children with everything from Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Asthma, Spina Bifida, Heart Disease, and other conditions.  Their goal is to provide the same summer camp experience that any child without a disability might enjoy.  The children do horseback riding, swimming, zip lining, archery, and a host of activities!  MedCamps is completely FREE to the campers and their families and the organization is absolutely changing lives FOR THE BETTER! 

You can find more information on their website www.medcamps.org

Mason Andrews
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